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Immigration law regulates the movement of people and determines what rights are available to immigrants depending on their status.

The term status and rights associated with the status granted is important terms in Immigration. If you are not a citizen of UK , your residence and rights in the UK will be dependent on your status (leave to remain) and rights associated to the status .it is therefore important that you understand the concept and rights associated to the required permission granted . A number of people unfortunately find themselves in trouble with the authorities because of not fully understanding the rules It is therefore essential that the concept of status and rights attached to status is properly understood if you want to bring someone to the UK.

We at Estate and Corporate Solicitors are available to explain and help you in this area of law and in doing so we take cognisance of your circumstances. For example, if it is your desire to prevent someone from being removed or deported from the UK or if you wish to appeal against the Visa Officer's decision to refuse entry clearance to a member of your family or apply to extend leave to remain in the UK, we are able to help.

Immigration legislation, its rules and policies, are vastly complex and are regularly reviewed by the Home Office; it is advisable, therefore, that you secure professional guidance when formally looking to process an immigration application. Our immigration solicitors' extensive legal knowledge and experience in preparing and submitting applications and dealing with appeals often results in our clients achieving successful outcomes that may otherwise be denied.

The following are a few areas in which we specialise:

  • Judicial Review Application
  • Application for extension of leave to remain in the UK
  • Judicial Review Applications
  • Deportation Order Cancelation Application
  • Obtaining Sponsorship License
  • Preparing Sponsorships for Visitors
  • Preparing Sponsorships for Spouses, Fiancées, Parents, Elderly Dependants, Children, students, Workers or any other individuals wishing to visit or settle in the UK.
  • Appeals against the Entry Clearance Officer's Refusal Decisions.
  • Applications for extension of leave to remain in the UK
  • Applications for indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • EEA Association Agreement Applications
  • EU Residence Applications
  • Work Permits
  • Outside the Rules Applications
  • Family Reunions
  • Married and Unmarried Partner Concession Application and Appeals
  • Naturalization
  • Resolving issues resulting from overstaying or living illegally in the UK
  • Travel Document Applications

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