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Employment Law

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at work and in an ideal world we would like to be happy and fulfilled in this area of our lives. For many reasons some of us are not. The employment lawyers at Estate and Corporate Solicitors pride themselves on their sympathetic approach to clients who, because of the volume of and complexity of Employment law, often find themselves confused by what is happening or indeed what should be expected in the workplace.

Whatever your employment problems we will endeavour to help you to understand any issues that may be troubling you and give you an honest assessment of your case. In this respect, as in all respects, we treat employers and employees the same.

If you are an employer or employee and have concerns about termination of employment or issues concerning policy and procedure we will listen to your problems and try to put your mind at ease by seeking satisfaction. In the event of an irreconcilable dispute we will seek the best resolution for you. Please call. You may be just a phone call away from making your working life easier.

Listed below are some of the main areas of employment related matters where we can assist both employers and employees: -


Although many companies are fighting discrimination in the workplace, many are still falling short of their obligations under the various laws.

Employment Tribunals

Although we will try our very best to resolve issues between employers and employees it is inevitable that some case will proceed to a Tribunal hearing because the parties are too far apart.

Health and Safety

Are you an employer who needs practical guidance on this topic? Are you an employee whose company is in breach of health and safety regulations? If so we would like to hear from you.


Redundancy is usually a fair reason for dismissal however there has to be a genuine redundancy situation otherwise an employer may incur liability for unfair dismissal.

Compromise Agreements

Employers are seeking, more and more to protect their position on the termination of employment by ensuring that certain statutory claims that could be made in the Tribunal are compromised.


This part of the law includes but is not limited to unfair dismissal for incapability or misconduct, wrongful dismissals, dismissal on the grounds of redundancy and insolvency and ill health retirement dismissals.

Foreign Employees

An employer can only employ an individual who has permission to live and work in the UK and individuals fall into different categories for immigration purposes, depending on their citizenship or nationality.


Family Friendly Rights

Family Friendly rights including but not limited to Maternity and Parental Rights

There have been significant additions and enhancements to the rights of employees who are prospective or new parents.

Employment Contracts

We are happy to deal with any queries regarding Contracts of Employment and/or Contract for Service. Contracts for Services are usually given to non-employee workers. We can advise on both existing contracts and the drafting of new contracts.

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